ⓘ Chance (TV series)


ⓘ Chance (TV series)

Chance is an American television series created by Kem Nunn and Alexandra Cunningham which stars Hugh Laurie. The series is based on Nunns book of the same name and was ordered straight-to-series in January 2016 with a straight two-season order containing twenty episodes. It premiered on Hulu on October 19, 2016. The second season premiered on October 11, 2017. On January 9, 2018, the series was cancelled.


1. Plot

The series focuses on a forensic neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Eldon Chance, living in San Francisco, who is semi-willingly pulled into his patient Jaclyn Blackstones dangerous life of police corruption, manipulation, and abuse. While dealing with a divorce of his own and secrets he has been trying to hold back for years, he has to save Jaclyn, as well as himself, from her abusive partner, a corrupt detective. Chance enlists the aid of an intelligent but violent furniture restorer, Darius, who moonlights as something of a mercenary, and they receive low-key assistance in their vigilante endeavor from another shady cop, Detective Hynes.

In the second season, Hynes blackmails Chance and Darius into going after a software tycoon who may secretly be a serial killer, while the pair also use Dariuss fighting skills to bring justice to the various abusers of Chances patients. The once mild-mannered Chance finds himself drawn more deeply into Dariuss view of violence as a solution to problems, while also dealing with his daughters continuing struggle with mental health problems she may have inherited from him.


2. Cast


  • Paul Adelstein as Raymond Blackstone season 1
  • Gretchen Mol as Jaclyn Blackstone, a woman being physically and mentally abused by her husband, Raymond. As a result of her abuse, she has developed a secondary personality, known as Jackie Black. season 1
  • Brian Goodman as Detective Kevin Hynes
  • Hugh Laurie as Dr. Eldon Chance
  • Greta Lee as Lucy Baek
  • Clarke Peters as Carl Allan
  • Paul Schneider as Ryan Winter season 2
  • Lisa Gay Hamilton as Suzanne Simms season 1
  • Ethan Suplee as Darius D Pringle
  • Stefania LaVie Owen as Nicole Chance, Chances teenage daughter.


  • Alyson Reed as Lindsay season 2
  • Michael McGrady as Sanford Pringle
  • Elizabeth Rodriguez as Kristen Clayton season 2
  • Tim Griffin as ADA Frank Lambert season 2
  • Diane Farr as Christina Chance, Chances ex-wife
  • Ginger Gonzaga as Lorena season 2

3. Music

"Electric Pow Wow Drum" by A Tribe Called Red previously used as the opening theme of Kagagi on APTN Kids is played by Darius in episode 5, where he names the band to Chance. It plays again during episode 10 when Darius tells Chance about previous events, and during episode 13s car trip to check a widowers alibi.