ⓘ Giant's Tank


ⓘ Giants Tank

Some historians have speculated that Giants Tank is the same as the Mahanama Matha Vapi tank built by King Dhatusena in the fifth century and restored by King Parakramabahu I in the twelfth century. On the other hand, Mudaliyar C. Rajanayagam in his book Ancient Jaffna suggests that the tank was probably constructed by the Nagas. Rajanayagam has suggested that the Megisba lake mentioned by Pliny in Description of Taprobane was in fact Giants Tank.

Attention was paid to the modernization of the tank during the Dutch Governor Willem Jacob van de Graafs administration in the eighteenth century, but nothing happened. However, the restoration started in 1880 at the suggestion of the Legislative Council P. Ramanathan. Delay from epidemics and other issues means that the restoration was not completed until November 1902. 90 m, 27 m, 12 ft 4 m, 640 m 195 m long stone dam, known as tekkam in Tamil was built across Aruvi Aru 22 Mi 35 km from its mouth. Then the water was sent to the giants tank of 12 miles 19 km of the inlet channel alawakkai. The tank had a catchment area of 38 square miles 98 km 2. The name giants tank was an English translation of the local name for the tank - Sodayan Karai Kattu giant buildings of the waterfront. The tank now known as Kattukarai Coolum in the state.

Responsibility for tank moved from public works Department to the Department of irrigation in 1900. In the late 1960-ies Bund tanks was 4.5 Mi 7 km in length and 10 feet 4 3 m, and the capacity of the tanks storing 26.600 acre⋅ft 32.810.617 M 3 and water spread area was 4.550 acres 1.841 ha. Was 172 m 52 m the flow channel of the spill on the right Bank, and seven gateways. The water from the tank was transferred into numerous small irrigation tanks in 24 Mi main channel 39 km 24 Mi 39 km of drainage canals.

The tank storage capacity was 30.500 acre⋅ft 37.621.196 M 3 in 2003, and he was able to irrigate 24.000 hectares 9.712 ha. the height of the tank was 11.5 ft 4 m, but he was able to hold 10 feet 3 m secure. The tank storage capacity was 31.500 acre⋅ft 38.854.678 M 3 in 2009 and he was able to irrigate 27.000 acres 10.927 hectares.