ⓘ Energy Identification Code


ⓘ Energy Identification Code

The Energy Identification Code or EIC is a 16-character code used in Europe to uniquely identify entities and objects related to the electricity and gas sector.

The EIC code is used for:

  • Substations, Generation units and Power plants
  • Transmission lines and Metering points
  • Transmission System Operators, Market Participants etc.
  • Bidding Zones, Control Areas, Market Balance Areas etc.

The EIC codes are used - among others - in the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform and in the ARIS platform, both supporting EU regulations on transparency and integrity.


1. Actors involved in the EIC coding scheme

The scheme is supported by a central issuing office CIO, function exercised by ENTSO-E for both the electricity and the gas sectors) and ENTSO-E-authorised local issuing offices LIOs in Europe.

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