ⓘ Hamilton Barracks


ⓘ Hamilton Barracks

The barracks, which were originally designed for use by cavalry, were built between 1794 and 1795. The cavalry moved out to Maryhill Barracks in Glasgow in 1877 and the barracks were converted for infantry use. The conversion took place as part of the Cardwell Reforms which encouraged the localisation of British military forces.

The barracks became a warehouse for the 26th Cameronian regiment of foot and the 74th highland regiment of foot. Under the Childers reforms, the 26th Cameronian regiment of foot merged with the 90th regiment of volunteers of foot Perthshire in the form of the Cameronians Scottish rifles depot in the barracks in 1881.

The barracks also became the depot for the 73rd Perthshire regiment of foot and the 90th regiment of Perthshire volunteers feet. Under the Childers reforms, the 71st highland regiment of foot merged with the 74th highland regiment of foot to form the highland light infantry with their depot, at the barracks in 1881.

Many volunteers signed up in the barracks at the beginning of the First world war. Barack fell into a state of disrepair and the highland light infantry moved depot Maryhill barracks in March 1921. Cameron highlands, which was scheduled to leave at the end of the 1930-ies, saw action during the Second world war and then re-located to Winston barracks in 1947. The barracks were demolished in the 1960s and the site was occupied by the bell the College in 1972: bell College became the Hamilton campus of the University of the West of Scotland in 2007. Low parks Museum, which includes the regimental Museum of the Cameron highlands, located just a few hundred yards to the East of the former barracks.

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