ⓘ Corporate Town of Davenport


ⓘ Corporate Town of Davenport

The Corporate Town of Davenport was a local government area in South Australia that existed from 1887 to 1932 on land now located within the suburb of Port Augusta.

The proposal to create a new local government area, consisting of the suburbs "is attached to an existing Corporation Port Augusta" was discussed by residents who are interested in "the subject of local self-government" as recently as February 1887. On March 1, 1887 meeting at the pastoral hotel agreed boundaries for the new Corporation called the Davenport, which was to consist of three wards named First, Second and third, and signed a petition calling for the creation of a new Corporation. The Corporation was declared by the government of South Australia on 25 Aug 1887.

He was separated from the adjacent district Council of Davenport, which was renamed Woolundunga in 1893 to avoid confusion between the two.

In 1923 he was reported 1.128 of the population living in 239 houses, with the city having a capital value of £126.600. More recently, in 1931, he operated from offices located in Stirling road, which is now located in the suburb of Port Augusta.

28 APR 1932 it merged with existing corporate town of Port Augusta, along with the corporate town of Port Augusta West and part of the district Council of Woolundunga.