ⓘ The Lion's Share (1971 film)


ⓘ The Lions Share (1971 film)

The Lions Share is a 1971 French-Italian crime-thriller film written and directed by Jean Larriaga and starring Robert Hossein, Charles Aznavour, Michel Constantin, Raymond Pellegrin and Elsa Martinelli.


1. Cast

  • Elsa Martinelli as Annie
  • Albert Minski as Jacques
  • Robert Hossein as Maurice Menard
  • Louis Arbessier as Cornille
  • Michel Peyrelon as David
  • Charles Aznavour as Eric Chambon
  • Robert Berri as Le patron du bistrot
  • Marcel Peres as Un clochard
  • Coline Serreau
  • Michel Constantin as Inspector Michel Grazzi
  • Rene-Jean Chauffard as Bank Director
  • Raymond Pellegrin as Marcati
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