ⓘ 100 Kila


ⓘ 100 Kila

Yavor Dimitrov Yanakiev better known by his stage name 100 Kila, is a Bulgarian rapper, actor, songwriter and entrepreneur from Varna, Bulgaria. His stage name is an abbreviation of the phrase 100 kilograms in Bulgarian.


1.1. Biography Early life

Yanakiev was born and raised in a Romani neighborhood of concentrated poverty in Asparuhovo, Varna. He lived with his parents and brother, until their father left them. In the mid 90s his mother moved to Greece, in hopes of sustaining her family and to encourage Yavors education. His parents separated when he was 6. Yavor subsequently moved to his grandmothers home in Targovishte where he studied in school until the 8th grade, before eventually dropping out due to absence and low grades.


1.2. Biography Career

In the early 2000s, Yanakiev started his musical career after meeting prominent Bulgarian rapper Big Sha. He was immediately signed to his record label R&B Records and enjoyed several successful years in the label alongside several other artists such as Vanko 1, Konsa, Gumeni Glavi and Loshite. He also achieved great notoriety with the singles "Vav kluba" featuring Consa and "Chiki-Na-Na" by Gumeni Glavi respectively. He also featured on the Big Sha songs "Ritam basov" Bass rhythm and "Kukite me debnat" The cops are onto me.

Yanakiev also participated in the first season of the Bulgarian version of the show The Mole. He also shot 1 episode for the Bulgarian TV Series Domashen Arest House Arrest in 2013. In 2015 he joined Sofia Residents in Excess cast for season 9.

On April 9, 2016, 100 Kila released a remix version of the song "Babuli Jabulah" from his 2013 album ZLA10 as a single featuring American rapper Rick Ross.