ⓘ Energy in Mongolia


ⓘ Energy in Mongolia

Mongolia had a total primary energy supply of 3.94 Mtoe in 2012. Electricity consumption was 4.49 TWh. Mongolia is a big producer of coal, which is mostly exported. Domestic consumption of coal accounts for about two thirds of Mongolias primary energy and is the almost sole source of electricity, accounting for almost 95% of the domestic electricity production in 2015.


1. Electricity generation

In 2010, the total amount of electricity produced by all types of power plant in Mongolia are 4.256.1 GWh thermal power, 31 GWh hydroelectric, 13.2 GWh diesel and 0.6 GWh solar and wind. In 2012, coal was used to generate 98% of the electricity in Mongolia.

Thermal power

Thermal power station is the dominant type of energy production in Mongolia. There are 7 currently active power stations.

Renewable energy

In 2018, 7% of Mongolias electricity came from renewable power sources, mainly wind power. Mongolia has very sunny weather with average insolation above 1.500 kW/m2 in most of the country, making solar power highly available. 247 MW of solar power plants have been approved for construction. Guaranteed power purchase agreements and favorable tariff structures promote further growth of the industry.