ⓘ Cat's Paw (adventure)


ⓘ Cats Paw (adventure)

Cats Paw is a scenario set in Canada featuring Alpha Flight vs. The Leader and his minions.

Cats-paw includes a sixteen-page adventure, character cards alpha flight, a large sheet of card, and stats of the heroes on the inside cover. The plot-an attempt to sabotage the project, James Bay hydroelectric station, from Hudsons Bay. Complications include genuine haunted house, which was occupied as a supervillain lair, the top copy of the Incredible Hulk, various criminal organizations, a mysterious force able to release the hidden power of the mutant, the monster, which was the manipulation of super-villains to organize your own release.

Jeff Grubb explains the paragraph in the introduction to the cats paws, what other characters can be replaced by alpha flight.

  • Cat s paw or Catspaw may refer to: Cat s paw an idiom, meaning the dupe of another derived from La Fontaine s fable The Monkey and the Cat The
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