ⓘ Masoumeh Abad


ⓘ Masoumeh Abad

Masoumeh Abad is an Iranian author, university professor, and conservative politician. She is member of the fourth Islamic City Council of Tehran Director of Health Division in the Tehran City Council. Abad is also the author of the book Im Alive.


1. Captivity

During the Iran–Iraq War, Abad played a significant role in the construction and management of hospitals and other medical clinics for the Iranian Red Crescent Society IRCS. Thirty-three days after the start of the war, when she was 17 years, old Masoumeh Abad, Fatemeh Nahidi, Maryam Bahrami and Halimeh Azmoudeh were captured by the Iraqi military forces on Mahshahr to Abadans high way 15 October 1980. They were on Red Crescent mission. At first, Abad, Nahidi, Bahrami and Azmoudeh were sent to Tanoumeh border camp and then they were sent to Estekhbarat secret agency of Saddam and Al-Rashid prisons. Again after sometime, Abad and her companions were moved to Mosul and Al-Anbar camps. Three years and six months later, on 21 April 1983, Abad was released.

Im Alive is a memoir by Masoumeh Abad detailing her experiences during the Iran–Iraq War. The book is Abads captivity memoir in prison. This book has received an award in the 16th Sacred Defense Book of the year award in Iran. This book discusses some of the roles of Iranian women who participated in the war.


2. Education

Abad holds a BSc degree in midwifery from Iran University of Medical Sciences in 1989, a MSc in Hygiene from Iran University of Medical Sciences in 1996 and PhD in Hygiene from Shahid Beheshti University in 2011.

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