ⓘ The Ural Front


ⓘ The Ural Front

The Ural Front is a 1944 Soviet war film directed by Sergey Gerasimov and starring Tamara Makarova, Viktor Dobrovolsky and Sofya Khalyutina.

The films sets were designed by the art director Ivan Stepanov. It was distributed in the United States in 1945 by Artkino Pictures.


1. Plot

The picture begins in August 1941, during the Great Patriotic War. In one town of the Urals, women accompany their husbands to the war. Now they are alone and have to cope with chores by themselves. Anna, the protagonist of the film, displays strong will and organizational skills which are needed.

Industry is evacuated to the Urals, along with equipment, and people come from places where the fighting is underway or could begin soon. These people have become refugees and they need shelter. Anna takes into her house a family - a woman with children and others also follow suit.


2. Cast

  • Pyotr Aleynikov as Kostya Korotkov
  • Sofya Khalyutina as Maria Gavrilovna
  • Nikolai Konovalov as Kurochkin
  • Mark Bernes as Kozyrev
  • Tamara Makarova as Anna Sviridova
  • Georgi Kovrov as Chernykh
  • Sergei Blinnikov as Prikhodko
  • Viktor Dobrovolsky as Anikeyev
  • Vladimir Solovyov as Yegor Sviridov
  • Vera Altayskaya as Antonina Ushakova