ⓘ .xyz


ⓘ .xyz

.xyz is a top-level domain name. It was proposed in ICANNs New generic top-level domain Program, and became available to the general public on June 2, 2014. XYZ.COM and CentralNic are the registries for the domain.


1. Adoption

In November 2015.xyz reached 1.5 million domain name registrations, possibly boosted in part by Googles decision to use abc.xyz for its corporate Alphabet Inc. website, one of the first major corporations to use the domain. However, domain name registry VeriSign and others have claimed that domain name registrar Network Solutions gave away possibly hundreds of thousands of these names by placing them into customer accounts on an opt-out basis.

As of January 2016.xyz was the sixth most registered domain name on the Internet. As of June 2016.xyz was the fourth most registered global top-level domain gTLD name on the Internet, after.com.net, and.org.


2. 1.111B Class

In June 1, 2017.XYZ launched the 1.111B class.xyz domains which are cheap domains priced at $0.99 per year and renewed at the same price. They are 6-digit, 7-digit, 8-digit, and 9-digit numeric combinations between 000000.xyz – 999999999.xyz. Daniel Negari, CEO of.XYZ said that it is for bringing competition, choice, and innovation to the market.

  • XYZ are the last three letters in the Latin script. XYZ may refer to: XYZ American band hard rock band XYZ XYZ album 1989 debut album XYZ Andy
  • The XYZ file format is a chemical file format. There is no formal standard and several variations exist, but a typical XYZ format specifies the molecule
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