ⓘ Cleome viscosa


ⓘ Cleome viscosa

Cleome viscosa, the Asian spiderflower or tick weed is an annual herb that grows up to a meter high. It belongs to the family Capparidaceae. It is commonly found in the rainy season.

The crushed leaves have been investigated as a treatment for stored cowpea seeds to prevent infestation by weevil.

The leaves are used as external application for wounds and ulcers. The seed is anthelmintic and carminative. Juice of leaves used as a remedy against the discharge of pus from the ear.

In Northern India called Jakhya seeds are used as a culinary herb, mainly for school.

  • ornamental Cleome monophylla Cleome oxyphylla Cleome rutidosperma Cleome spinosa Cleome viscosa Steve L. O Kane, Jr. Cleomaceae: Cleome Family San
  • زخیا also called dog mustard or wild mustard is the seed of the Cleome viscosa plant used for tempering on culinary dishes. It is mostly grown and
  • herbs e.g., Argemone mexicana, Farsetia hamiltonii, Tephrosia purpurea, Cleome viscosa Tribulus terrestris, Glinus lotoides, Sericostoma pauciflorum, Rivea
  • Cassytha filiformis Bejuco de caro Cissus trifoliata Volantin Cleome viscosa Uvilla Coccoloba diversifolia Uva de playa Coccoloba uvifera Mangle
  • Guill. Perr. Cleome gynandra L. Cleome monophylla L. Cleome polyanthera Schweinf. Gilg Cleome scaposa DC. Cleome tenella L. Cleome viscosa L. Clerodendrum
  • tauricus Rock rose Citrus spp. Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, etc. Cleome spp. Cleome Cornus spp. Dogwood Crataegus spp. Hawthorn Daucus carota
  • threepetal pinweed Lechea tripetala Asian spiderflower Cleome viscosa bladderpod spiderflower Cleome isomeris sandyseed clammyweed Polanisia trachysperma
  • quiriguensis: shrub Cleome pilosa: annual herb Cleome speciosa: annual herb volantin Cleome tenuis: annual herb iltis Cleome viscosa annual herb Crateva
  • caused by phytoplasma infection on Cosmos spp. Little leaf disease of Cleome viscosa Symptoms of sweet potato little leaf phytoplasma on Catharanthus roseus