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Przino is a settlement in the Kisela Voda Municipality in the city of Skopje, which shares borders with the settlements: Crnice from the Kisela Voda Municipality and Vodno from the Centar Municipality. In the settlement Przino there are around 300 families, most of them live in the houses.

  • The Przino agreement or agreement from 2 June 15 July 2015 is a political agreement between the main political parties in North Macedonia with the mediation
  • Skopje Macedonian: ФК Славија Скопје is a football club from the town Przino near Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. They currently play in the OFS Kisela
  • Minister Nikola Gruevski. On September the first 2016, in line with the Przino Agreement he resigned and was appointed Director of Bureau of Public Safety
  • pre - electoral resignation of Nikola Gruevski from the position, as part of the Przino Agreement. Emil Dimitriev Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. Retrieved
  • in the Republic of Macedonia, which shares borders with the settlements Przino and Kisela Voda. It is home to more than 300 residents. - Elementary School
  • mediate a solution to the crisis. The political crisis was exceeded with the Przino Agreement from July 2015, which obliged a transitional government with SDSM
  • order to overcome the political crisis. The negotiations resulted in the Przino Agreement, which foresaw a caretaker government to organize a snap election
  • Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and government ministers. According to the Przino Agreement signed in mid - December 2015, Gruevski was required to resign as