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ⓘ Griswold Home Care

The company was founded by Jean Griswold in 1982. The fledgling corporations first name was Overnight Sitting Service. The company was soon renamed Special Care Inc., then renamed Griswold Home Care.

According ink. magazine since 1989, the company was $10 million, multi-state business. In 2002, while still known as special care, the company had 5 offices in the Philadelphia area run out of the offices of corporations, with representative offices in other countries are operated as franchises. Revenues amounted to $ 80 million. In the 20-th anniversary of its founding, April 26, 2002, the company name officially changed to Griswold home care.

In 2005 he was described in the Philadelphia Business journal, "the Nations largest, private non-medical home care company." In 2009, there were 103 franchises.

In 1995 the company attracted negative attention when one of its home care employees have been arrested for buying drugs, and the press focused on the fact that, since the company does not provide medical services, its employees should not be certified and cannot be under close surveillance.

Griswold was among the corporations that have pushed for better government oversight in the industry of home maintenance.

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