ⓘ Bonus (film)


ⓘ Bonus (film)

Bonus is a 1975 Soviet drama film directed by Sergey Mikaelyan. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Alexander Gelman.


1. Plot

At a meeting of the Communist Party committee of a construction trust Russian: строительного треста, one of the supervisors, Potapov, makes a surprise announcement. He and his team refuse to receive the bonus money issued for overfulfillment of plan targets. According to Potapov, the management of the trust regularly artificially lowers targets so that the trust can easily exceed its targets. Potapov proves his words with compelling economic data.

The director of the trust, Batarcev, dismisses his allegations. He tries to disparage Potapov as a "troublemaker" and attempts to cover up the scandal. However, the Party Secretary unexpectedly supports Potapovs initiative.


2. Cast

  • Yevgeny Leonov as Vasilij Potapov, Supervisor
  • Nina Urgant as Dina Milenina, Economist
  • Armen Dzhigarkhanyan as Grigorij Frolovski, Chief Manager
  • Aleksandr Pashutin as Oleg Kachnov, Supervisor
  • Boryslav Brondukov as Aleksandr Zyubin, Foreman
  • Mikhail Gluzsky as Boris Shatunov, Head of the Planning Department
  • Leonid Djachkov as Viktor Chernikov, Head of the Construction Department
  • Mikhail Semyonov as Anatolij Zharikov, Secretary of the local Komsomol branch
  • Viktor Sergachjov as Roman Lyubaev, Safety Engineer
  • Svetlana Kryuchkova as Aleksandra Mikhajlovna, Crane Driver
  • Vladimir Samoilov as Pavel Batarcev, Trust Director
  • Oleg Yankovsky as Lev. Solomahin, local Communist Party Secretary

3. Awards

  • Award at the Chicago International Film Festival 1976
  • Grand prix of All-Union Film Festival 1975
  • Award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 1976
  • Honorary award and diploma Barcelona International Film Festival 1976
  • USSR State Prize 1976
  • Critics Award International Film Festival "Man-Work-Creation" in Poland 1975
  • Gold Medal at the Avellino International Film Festival Laceno doro - Festival del cinema neorealistico 1976