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List of blackface minstrel troupes

This is a list of blackface minstrel troupes. Sanfords Opera Troupe a.k.a. Sanfords Minstrels Virginia Minstrels a.k.a. Virginia Serenaders Sable Brothers and Sisters Georgia Minstrels, later Haverlys European Minstrels Madame Rentzs Female Minstrels Adams and Lee Ethiopian Serenaders Ordways Aeolians Duprez & Benedicts Minstrels Brooker and Claytons Georgia Minstrels Ole Bull Band of Serenaders George Mitchell Minstrels Sable Harmonists Christy Minstrels a.k.a. George Christy Minstrels Gavitts Original Ethiopian Serenaders Woods Minstrels a.k.a. Christy and Woods Minstrels Buckleys Serena ...

List of Bunnykins figurines

This is a list of Royal Doulton Bunnykins figurines. Doulton & Co. introduced the Bunnykins figurines in 1939 with six original Bunnykins figurines designed by Charles Noke based on illustrations by Sister Mary Barbara Bailey. Shortly thereafter, and prior to World War II, Doulton & Co. discontinued their manufacture. After Royal Doulton purchased the Beswick Pottery factory in 1969, Royal Doulton reintroduced the Bunnykins figurines. After the closure of Royal Doulton factory in England in 2005, Bunnykins figurines are produced in Asia. The Bunnykins figurines are in ascending order and i ...

List of California Institute of the Arts people

CalArts confers honorary Doctor of Arts degrees to artists who have consistently represented the bold innovation and visionary creativity championed by the Institute, and who have each made extraordinary contributions to contemporary arts and culture. A list of past honorary degree recipients, include:

List of canonically crowned images

The following list enumerates the various Marian, Josephian, and Christological images venerated in the Roman Catholic Church, by which a Pope has officially issued a Papal bull of canonical coronation either by the Pontiff, a Papal legate or a Papal nuncio. The very first Marian image crowned without a direct papal approval was by Cardinal Francesco Sforza Pallavicino with La Madonna della Oropa on 30 August 1620. The first Marian image Pontifically crowned was the painted image of La Madonna della Febbre Madonna of Fever on 27 May 1631 by Pope Urban VIII through the Vatican Chapter locat ...

List of classical meters

Dactylic hexameter, the meter of the Iliad, Odyssey and Aeneid, used for epic and other narrative and didactic poetry Iambic trimeter, the most common meter in the dialogue portions of tragedy and comedy Elegiac couplet, consisting of a line of dactylic hexameter and one of dactylic pentameter, employed by Ovid for all his extant works except the Metamorphoses

List of contemporary art museums

Contemporary art museums around the world specialize in collecting and exhibiting contemporary art. The following is an alphabetical listing of major contemporary art museums, divided by country. A number of such museums are called the Museum of Contemporary Art. For smaller galleries, such as private and artist-run galleries, see International Contemporary Art Scenes.

List of Creative Capital Grant recipients

Abigail DeVille Bronx, NY Ivan Velez Bronx, NY Brittany Nelson Richmond, VA Jon Kessler New York, NY Mariam Ghani Brooklyn, NY Beatriz Santiago Muñoz San Juan, Puerto Rico Gala Porras-Kim Los Angeles, CA Mike Crane Brooklyn, NY Danielle Dean Los Angeles, CA Wu Tsang Los Angeles, CA Eric Gottesman Cambridge, MA Narcissister Brooklyn, NY Jeanine Oleson Brooklyn, NY Carolina Caycedo Los Angeles, CA Titus Kaphar New Haven, CT Maria Gaspar Chicago, IL Lorraine OGrady New York, NY Anna Sew Hoy Los Angeles, CA Carrie Schneider Brooklyn, NY Amie Siegel New York, NY Katrin Sigurdardottir New York, ...

List of art dealers

This is an incomplete list of significant art dealers: Guillam Forchondt the Elder 1608–1678 A 17th century Flemish Baroque painter and art dealer based in Antwerp. He established an important art dealing business with international connections in Europe maintained by his extended family. He originally trained as a painter and cabinet maker but built a reputation through his international art business. His children became art dealers who settled in various cities in Europe such as Venice, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Linz, Passau and Cadiz where they supplied an elite clientele with a variety of ...

List of exhibitions by Olafur Eliasson

Einige erinnern sich, dass sie auf dem Weg waren diese Nacht, Galerie Lukas & Hoffmann, Cologne No Days in Winter, No Nights in Summer, Forumgalleriet, Malmo Stalke Galleri, Copenhagen

List of French artistic movements

The following is a chronological list of artistic movements or periods in France indicating artists who are sometimes associated or grouped with those movements. See also European art history, Art history and History of Painting and Art movement.