ⓘ New People's Party–Civil Force


ⓘ New Peoples Party–Civil Force

The New Peoples Party formed a political alliance with the Civil Force in February 2014.

As for the Pro-Beijing camp, Civil force, an educated community leader as the Democratic Alliance for the betterment and progress of Hong Kong politician Lau Kong-wah, had deep roots in Sha tin district for decades and was the largest political force in the Sha tin district Council, with 15 district councillors elected in 2011 district Council elections, and a new peoples party, which was established by Regina IP Lau Suk-Yee in 2011 was quite young, only got 4 of their candidates for the elections of the district Council. At the election of the chief Executive of the 2012 Hong Kong Regina Yip decided to run for office, but failed to get enough nominations from the election Committee.

After the parliamentary elections of Council 2012, where Lau Kong-wah lost his seat in new territories East, where Civil Force was founded and was divided into the territory of the district Council of the second electoral district, the Civil power has lost its representation in the region. New peoples party increased its representation from one to two, with Michael Tien PUK-sun was elected in new territories West.

In February 2014, the two groups officially formed an Alliance with the leader of "Civil force" pun Kwok-Shan was appointed as one of Vice chairmen of the party people. 17 civil district group of councillors and 2 independents joined the new party peoples party seat in the Council jumped from 12 to 31.

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