ⓘ Groote Beer (botter yacht)


ⓘ Groote Beer (botter yacht)

Groote Beer is a 52 foot long wooden sailing barge, built in Huizen, the Netherlands during World War II. Rumored to be built for German Air Marshall Hermann Goring. The design is based on the shallow draft, leeboard equipped, sailing vessels designed as work boats in the North Sea and capable of carrying goods far inland on the canals of the Netherlands and elsewhere. WWII ended before the boat was completed, awaiting a new customer. In 1947, it was sold to William Greeve, who completed the stunningly ornate construction to match the original design rumors, sailed the boat, and eventually sold it to Charles M. Donnelly. It was shipped across the Atlantic to the East Coast of the United States to be used to show the talents of Dutch ship builders. During his ownership it was seen in a number of events and ports, but also was involved in a storm incident which damaged a few beach houses and the boat.

It was sold in 1955, Robert Johnson, who sailed through the Panama canal, eventually bringing it to Portland, Oregon.

Robert donated the Groote beer in St. Elisabeth parish "youth alive" program in 1958. The program was created around the donations, but did not materialize into a successful swimming training or youth development program.

Bought by Howard Luray, who lived in Malibu, California, at the time, who used the boat for three years. It was sold to Mrs. Robbie Keating Santa Monica, CA, who bought the boat as a gift to her husband. Only two years later, she sold the boat Dale Cooper in Irvine, California. Cooper kept the boat until 1973, when he sold it to Stuart Anderson, who brought a boat to the Pacific Northwest.

Donated in 1978, Restaurateur Stuart Anderson chief Seattle Council of the boy Scouts of America. Trusted Explorer scout post 818, first and foremost, search and rescue Explorer post from 25 December 1978 to end 1983. During this period, the Groote beer sailed on inland waters surrounding info: Salish sea, and participated in the wooden boat shows from Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, to port Townsend, and Seattle, Washington.

It was purchased from the boy scouts, cliff and Ruth Ann Fremstad, who sold the boat in 2001 the current owner, Jan Willem de La Porte. It was hard on a wooden boat, so that the Groote beer was sent back in Spakenburg, the Netherlands, and a full recovery, and sailed many times after the restoration in the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, during transport within a plant for seasonal maintenance, 38 tons Groot beer fell from the lift, to the detriment of themselves and crushing a parked car. At the beginning of 2015 to repair the boat was still awaiting the courts decision.

2017 Groot beer is now repaired and back in the water in the old harbour in Spakenburg Netherlands.