ⓘ Kiss Them All!


ⓘ Kiss Them All!

Kiss Them All! is a 2013 Russian film directed by Zhora Kryzhovnikov and produced by Timur Bekmambetov, Ilya Burets, Dmitry Nelidov, Sergey Svetlakov. The movie is a wedding comedy. Natasha and Roma - these two characters are the protagonists of the film who are progressive and talented and dream to organize their wedding by the sea in Europe.


1. Plot

Natasha and Roma are progressive and talented young people who dream to organize their wedding by the sea in Europe. But Natashas step-father thinks differently and drafts his own plan. Being the city manager he feels such an event should be a springboard for his own career.


2. Cast

  • Yuliya Sules
  • Valentina Mazunina
  • Yan Tsapnik
  • Danila Yakushev
  • Sergey Svetlakov
  • Elena Valyushkina
  • Egor Koreshkov
  • Fedor Starykh
  • Anastasia Dobakhova
  • Sergey Lavygin
  • Yuliya Aleksandrova
  • Vladimir Tebenko
  • Aleksandr Pal
  • Yevgeniy Kushpel

3. Reception

The film received mainly positive reviews and reception from critics. Russia Beyond the Headlines wrote in the review - "Russian viewers were offended but laughed, and critics loved it." But it got a huge negative backlash from viewers. Peak of negativity was after popular Russian YouTube blogger BadComedian made a negative review of this film.