ⓘ The Blue Bird (1970 film)


ⓘ The Blue Bird (1970 film)

The Blue Bird is a 1970 Soviet animated feature film based upon the play by Maurice Maeterlinck. It was directed by Vasily Livanov and made at the Soyuzmultfilm studio. It uses a mix of traditional and cutout animation.


1. Plot

Action begins in the big modern capitalist city. In search of food in the market the boy rescues a homeless Dog from the cruel seller. For it the old woman passing by who appeared the fairy gives it the Bluebird of happiness whom it is impossible neither to sell, nor to buy, but it is possible to present. He hides it on an attic among old things then to show it to the little sister.

Having risen at night by an attic, it meets long ago dead the grandmother and the grandfather who explain to him that in the Bluebird of happiness the happiness for all is concluded, and therefore she has to be free. It isnt possible to let out a bird because the cage with it was stolen by suspicious Cat.

Together with the Dog children go to look for the Bluebird of happiness and meet the Rich man who as it becomes clear, also looks for the Bluebird of happiness to feed with her the World War III which is grown up by it and to win the world. The rich man tries to feed children with various delicacies that they forgot about the Bluebird of happiness, but the Fairy doesnt allow them to be tempted and gives in the help of eternal companions of the person - Fire, Water and Bread. It appears, Cat stole the Bluebird of happiness on the instructions of the hostess Night who intends to sell it to the Rich man. Then Fire burns Night, Cat sinks in Water, and the Boy abducts a bird at the Rich man, but during a pursuit breaks together with it from a tower of hours.

There comes morning. The boy wakes up in the tiny apartment, and it becomes clear that all this was a dream. Together with the sister they rise by an attic and set the Bluebird of happiness free.


2. Interesting facts

  • The part of episodes is executed in equipment of a photocollage by the director and animator Natalya Kotovshchikova Golovanova.
  • The musical composition was written by Gennady Gladkov, execute the State Symphony Cinema Orchestra of cinematography under control of Vladimir Vasilyev, the Moscow state chorus and Childrens chorus "Sputnik".