ⓘ El engaño


ⓘ El engaño

El engaño is a Mexican telenovela produced by Ernesto Alonso for Televisa in 1986. It is an original story by Caridad Bravo Adams, adapted by Fernanda Villeli and directed by Sergio Jimenez.

Erika Buenfil, Frank Moro and Guillermo Garcia Cantu starred as protagonists, while Sergio Jimenez and Luz Maria Jerez starred as main antagonists.


1. Plot

In Valle de Bravo, Alfonso and his wife Aminta lead a hermit life. Alfonso has good reasons for this: and hiding his Nazi past and present criminal filled with links to neo-Nazi groups. Aminta who adores her husband, ignores these facts and suffers because his health was broken following the birth of his daughter Mindy. Jorge the painter, a resident of Alfonso, finds an abandoned baby and decides to take Amanta to look after her.

This infuriates Alfonso, who is awaiting the arrival of his orphaned nephews who come to live with him and forces his wife to get rid of the girl. Jorge decides to adopt her and puts Marcela. Aminta health deteriorates and eventually dies of cardiac arrest. They spend 18 years, and Alfonso remains linked to his Nazi activities. His daughter Mindy is a capricious and cruel girl who likes to flirt with her cousins. Rodrigo, the youngest of them falls for her and then making love believes to be married.

However both Alfonso and Mindy prefer her to marry Gerardos brother Rodrigo, a strange guy, medium and neurotic suffering from constant blackouts after which he does not remember where he was or what he did. Meanwhile, Marcela over the years has become a beautiful young, but very self-conscious. Jorge travels to Miami where she is studying to attend their prom. Jorge has big plans for her. Gerardo also travels to Miami and coincides with Marcela, both fall in love at first sight. After a short courtship marry and return to Valle del Bravo.

His arrival coincides with that of David, a frail old Jew, who arrives with her child nurses seeking his son left 18 years ago. This child is being Marcela, and it turns out that the seemingly defenseless David is a survivor of Nazi concentration camps that aims to expose Alfonso.