ⓘ Health Republic Insurance of New York


ⓘ Health Republic Insurance of New York

Health Republic Insurance of New York is a not-for-profit health insurance cooperative in New York State.

Health Republic was created as one of 23 consumer operated and plans, known as cooperatives created under the affordable care act to increase competition in the market and to give consumers a voice in their health care. Of health of the Republic began selling insurance products for individuals and small groups both within and outside the state of new York on the healthcare market, in October 2013.

During the 2013-2014 open enrollment period, the health captured the largest market share on the new York state of health market. It became the largest cooperative in the country during this period.

In September 2014, the state of health of members of the Republic had the opportunity to vote for the Directors of the member cooperatives of the Board of Directors of nine people, in the end, elected from the state, making the majority of the Council.

For 2015, health Republic has expanded its service area to 11 counties in the state a total of 43 counties in the state, added two new products: out-of-network plan for small groups and higher-deductible plan for individuals and has expanded its provider network in the Albany region

27 September 2015, the Republic of health has announced that it will begin the process cease operations, effective immediately.

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