ⓘ The Inheritor


ⓘ The Inheritor

Hugo Cordell, media and industrial tycoon, dies when his plane explodes between Geneva and Paris. Examination of the planes debris cannot establish the cause of the crash.

In Paris, the directors of Globe, the Cordell empires flagship French weekly, anxiously await the arrival of Hugo Cordells heir Bart Jean-Paul Belmondo, who wishes to read the last issue before it goes to press. On the flight back from the United States Bart flirts with the seductive Lauren Maureen Kerwin, who slips a baggage claim-check into his pocket.

At the airport Bart is welcomed by Globe management and television reporters. The claim-check is found by a customs agent to correspond with a briefcase full of illegal drugs, and Bart is accused of drug trafficking. He understands perfectly that his arrival to head the Cordell empire does not meet with universal approval.

Aided by his faithful friend, David Charles Denner, he decides to conduct his own investigation.


1. Cast

  • Michel Cassagne as Andre Dubois
  • François Chaumette as Theron-Maillard
  • Carla Gravina as Liza Rocquencourt
  • Maureen Kerwin as Lauren
  • Jean-Paul Belmondo as Barthelemy Cordell
  • Charles Denner as David Loweinstein
  • Jean Martin as Monseigneur Schneider
  • Michel Beaune as Frederic Lambert
  • Paul Amiot as Hugo Cordell
  • Jean Rochefort as Andre Berthier
  • Pierre Grasset as Pierre Delmas
  • Marcel Cuvelier as The Minister
  • Anna Orso as Giovanella Cordell
  • Philippe Labro as Journalist
  • Maurice Garrel as Detective Brayen
  • Jean Desailly as Jean-Pierre Carnavan
  • Serge Wagner as Campanella
  • Fosco Giachetti as Luigi Galazzi