ⓘ Young Sinners (1958 film)


ⓘ Young Sinners (1958 film)

Young Sinners is a 1958 French-Italian film directed by Marcel Carne.

Jean Paul Belmondo appears in one of his earliest roles.

The movie was a massive box office hit in France, with admissions of 4.953.600.


1. Cast

  • Andrea Parisy as Clo
  • Laurent Terzieff as Alain
  • Pascale Petit as Mic
  • Roland Lesaffre as Roger
  • Jacques Marin as Felix
  • Alfonso Mathis as Peter
  • Dany Saval as Nicole
  • Roland Armontel as Surgeon
  • Jacques Charrier as Bob Letellier
  • Jacques Portet as Guy
  • Pierre Brice as Bernard
  • Jean-Paul Belmondo as Lou