ⓘ Loch Doon Castle


ⓘ Loch Doon Castle

Loch Doon Castle was a castle that was located on an island within Loch Doon, Scotland.

The castle was demolished and rebuilt on the lake after the water level of the lake was raised in the 1930-ies for hydro-electric schemes.

Loch DOON castle was built in the late 13th century on an island in Loch DOON. The castle consists of eleven unilateral curtain wall. The castle was in the hands of the Earl of Carrick in the 13th century. During the Scottish wars of independence it was held by the Governor sir Gilbert de Carrick Gille Brighde, who passed it into English. He was soon restored by the forces of king Robert I of Scotland. In 1306 the Corrie family were hereditary keepers of the castle of Loch DOON, and 57 years later, by the marriage of sir Robert Corrie Lady Susanna Carlisle, greatly added to his possessions in Dumfriesshire. Later the castle fell to the English and was re-captured in 1314. The castle was besieged in 1335. In the 15th century the castle was in the hands of the Kennedy family. The castle was taken from them, William Douglas, 8th Earl of Douglas, after a siege in 1446. Was returned to the Kennedy family, the castle was again taken from them by William Crauford of Lefnoris in 1511. The castle was destroyed in the 16th century, King James V of Scotland in the framework of the General policy of reducing the power of the barons of Galloway.

Original site and relocated remains designated as scheduled ancient monuments.

  • Robert Comyn, who had rushed to Badenoch s aid. Seton was captured at Loch Doon Castle and executed at Dumfries in 1306. Christopher Seton was the eldest
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  • band. William Craufurd in 1510 was involved in the taking back of Loch Doon Castle from the Kennedy Clan. In 1512 the same William was involved in the
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