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Suarezia (isopod)

Suarezia is a genus of woodlice, in the family Scleropactidae, containing the two species Suarezia differens and Suarezia heterodoxa, both of which are endemic to Madagascar.

Zoosphaerium neptunus

Zoosphaerium neptunus is the largest pill-millipede in the world, reaching lengths of 90 mm. Endemic to Madagascar, it is known to swarm at certain times of the year.


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  • of thousands of specimens of arthropods collected on Madagascar The collection makes possible a large part of the needed research on arthropods of Madagascar
  • The Madagascar buzzard Buteo brachypterus is a bird of prey which is endemic to Madagascar It is a species from the widespread genus Buteo in the family
  • organization for the study of arthropods in Madagascar Since the first inventory in 1992, the Institute s activities have evolved into one of the most important
  • smooth surface of the Ravenala leaves being inhospitable to small arthropods The majority of sucker - footed bats caught in eastern Madagascar were within
  • Madagascar day gecko Phelsuma madagascariensis madagascariensis is a diurnal species of gecko. It lives on the eastern coast of Madagascar and typically
  • the edge of extinction. In any case, independent estimates indicate that there are millions of undocumented arthropods on Earth. Arthropods as a group
  • Special Reserve is a wildlife reserve in the Sofia Region of Madagascar between the villages of Antsohihy and Bealalana. Bora is in a transition zone between
  • acarid feather mite. It is a parasite of birds including several parrot species and the Mascarene martin of Madagascar Gaut, Jean 1952 Sarcoptides plumicoles
  • giant pill millipedes, is a genus of giant pill millipedes order Sphaerotheriida endemic to southeastern Madagascar Though described in 1902, the genus
  • The comet moth or Madagascan moon moth Argema mittrei is a moth native to the rain forests of Madagascar The species was first described by Felix Edouard
  • lists 17 arthropod subspecies as data deficient. No subpopulations of arthropods have been evaluated by the IUCN. This is a complete list of data deficient
  • pill - millipede in the world, reaching lengths of 90 mm 3.5 in Endemic to Madagascar it is known to swarm at certain times of the year. Wesener, Thomas, and Kai