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Agelena fagei

Agelena fagei is a species of spider in the family Agelenidae, which contains 1146 species of funnel-web spiders. It was first described by Caporiacco, in 1949. It is primarily found in Kenya.

Agelena keniana

Agelena keniana is a species of spider in the family Agelenidae, which contains 1146 species of funnel-web spiders. It was first described by Roewer, in 1955. It is primarily found in Kenya.

Cardisoma carnifex

Cardisoma carnifex is a species of terrestrial crab found in coastal regions from the east coast of Africa and the Red Sea across the Indo-Pacific to the Line Islands and the Tuamotu Archipelago. The range includes parts of northern Australia and the Cocos Islands.


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  • endangered. No subpopulations of arthropods have been evaluated by the IUCN. Additionally 2875 arthropod species 30 of those evaluated are listed as
  • species of jumping spider. The specific name means thorny in Latin and refers to the process on the pedicel. E. spinosus is only known from Kenya Wesolowska
  • seen among individuals in the flood plain of the Tana River in Kenya during two epidemics 1957 and 1962 of acute febrile illness accompanied by localized
  • species of freshwater crab. It lives in water - filled tree holes in forests in the eastern Usambara Mountains of Tanzania and the Shimba Hills in Kenya It
  • and they feed on seed, grain, arthropods and larvae. BirdLife International 2012 Poeoptera stuhlmanni IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. IUCN. 2012
  • of the rich insect biodiversity found in Africa. Today, icipe is the only international center in sub - Saharan Africa working primarily on arthropods
  • the genus Platyoides found in Kenya Madagascar, Aldabra and Reunion. List of Trochanteriidae species List of spiders of Madagascar Platyoides grandidieri
  • Agyneta gracilipes is a species of sheet weaver found in Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Kenya and Angola. It was described by Holm in 1968. Agyneta World Spider
  • plant matter, they occasionally eat arthropods The giant thicket rat is losing habitat due to the clearance of forest for timber, firewood and conversion
  • Potamonautes platycentron is a species of freshwater crab in the family Potamonautidae, which is endemic to Lake Chala in Kenya and Tanzania. It was originally
  • Agyneta metropolis is a species of sheet weaver found in Kenya It was described by Russell - Smith Jocque in 1986. Agyneta World Spider Catalog. Retrieved
  • Potamonautes neumanni is a species of crustacean in the family Potamonautidae. It is endemic to Kenya Its natural habitat is rivers. Cumberlidge, N. 2008
  • athleta is a jumping spider that lives in Kenya and Uganda. Wesolowska, W. 2011 New species and new records of jumping spiders Araneae: Salticidae: Heliophaninae