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List of building types

High-rise apartments: 9+ storeys, 100+ units, professionally managed Dormitory Prison Special-purpose group housing Retirement home Mansions Rich people homes Garden or walk-up apartments: 1-5 storeys, 50-400 units, no elevators Nursing home Mid-rise apartments: 5-9 storeys, 30-110 units, with elevators

Nadir Afonso artworks

This is a list of Nadir Afonso artworks: paintings, engravings, and architecture. All data was sourced from websites linked to and from the books and catalogues listed in the main Nadir Afonso article.

List of Art Deco architecture

Stanley House offices, Livingstone, 1931. Capitol Theatre, Livingstone. (Театр Capitol, Ливингстон)

List of Bath City Architects

The prominent post of Bath City Architect was bestowed by the Corporation of Bath, England, on an architect who would be repeatedly chosen for civic projects. It is a form of council architect. Thomas Warr Attwood unofficially c. 1733–1775 Thomas Baldwin 1780–1792 John Lowder 1817–1823 Charles Edward Davis 1862–1902 John Palmer 1792–1817 George Phillips Manners 1823–1862

List of architectural projects in Belgrade

There are many architectural projects under construction in Belgrade, Serbia. Since 2002, Belgrade has experienced a major construction boom. These are only some of the projects under construction in Belgrade:

Brick Renaissance

Brick Renaissance is the Northern European continuation of brick architecture after Brick Romanesque and Brick Gothic. Although the term Brick Gothic is often used generally for all of this architecture, especially in regard to the Hanseatic cities of the Baltic, the stylistic changes that led to the end of Gothic architecture did reach Northern Germany and northern Europe with delay, leading to the adoption of Renaissance elements into brick building. Nonetheless, it is very difficult for non-experts to distinguish transitional phases or early Brick Renaissance, as the style maintained ma ...


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