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Argentine Anticommunist Alliance

The Argentine Anticommunist Alliance was a far-right death squad founded in Argentina in 1973 and particularly active under Isabel Perons rule. Initially associated with the Peronist right, the organisation opposed the Peronist left and other leftist organizations. The AAA acted against a wide range of government opponents, not just communists. The Triple A allegedly was secretly led by Jose Lopez Rega, Minister of Social Welfare and personal secretary of Juan Peron. Rodolfo Almiron, arrested in Spain in 2006, was alleged to be his chief operating officer of the group, and was officially h ...

D'Aquila crime family

The DAquila crime family was one of the earliest crime families to be established in the United States and New York City. The DAquilas were based in Manhattans Little Italy, originally a crew of the Morello family prior to breaking off and absorbing what was left of the Neapolitan Camorra of Brooklyn.


UGNazi is a hacker group. The group conducted a series of cyberattacks, including social engineering, data breach, and denial-of-service attacks, on the websites of various organizations in 2012. Two members of UGNazi were arrested in June 2012; one was incarcerated. In December 2018, two members of UGNazi were arrested in connection with a murder in Manila.