ⓘ Hilgenreiner's line


ⓘ Hilgenreiners line

Hilgenreiners line is a horizontal line drawn on an AP radiograph of the pelvis running between the inferior aspects of both triradiate cartilages of the acetabulums. It is named for Heinrich Hilgenreiner.

  • Perkin s line is a line drawn on an AP radiograph of the pelvis perpendicular to Hilgenreiner s line at the lateral aspects of the triradiate cartilage
  • joint in infants and young children. Hilgenreiner s line in German: Hilgenreiners Hilfslinien Hilgenreiners Beckenskiagramm is a system of lines
  • cartilage on an AP radiograph of the pelvis with both Perkin s line and Hilgenreiner s line can help establish a diagnosis of developmental dysplasia of
  • the hip Baumann s angle Blumensaat s line Bohler s angle Cobb angle Fairbank s changes Gilula s Lines Harris lines Hilgenreiner s line Kellgren - Lawrence
  • acetabular angle and as a reference for Perkin line B Perkin line is perpendicular to Hilgenreiner line touching the lateral margin of the acetabular