ⓘ Australian Legislative Ethics Commission


ⓘ Australian Legislative Ethics Commission

Australian Legislative Ethics Commission has been around since 1998, though only recently registered as an Australian Charity. Their main goal is assisting families who have had their children removed by child protection agencies in Australia, where caseworkers have failed to follow legislation, guidelines, policy and protocol. In addition

They recently worked with indigenous organizations that are protesting about the growing number of indigenous children taken from family and placed in out of home care - long after former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologized for the stolen generations, former, and actively participate in programs designed to improve the family law System and child safety.

Recently the Senate of the Federal investigation of children in institutions, launched with the assistance of MP David Shoebridge and other members of Parliament, has provided the public the opportunity to determine exactly what is happening in the field of child protection. Senator Rachel siewert is the chair of the Committee, who should provide home care on may 13, 2015.

In the last five years, they explored dozens of issues in which the protection agents of children seek to intimidate and censor by forcing a lawsuit against the parents protesting against their illegal actions. Such actions usually leave their parents without legal protection or contact with their children until they abandon their criticism or opposition. Alecomm promotes anti-SLAPP strategic lawsuit against public participation should be introduced at the national level in Australia to ensure that people are not only involved in care and protection matters are not denied justice because of the divisions unlimited war-chest and the judges failure to ensure that policies and procedures are at all times, to prevent similar unlawful acts against sentient beings.

The charity has multiple interests in the field of human rights and actively promotes the Convention on the rights of the child, the International Covenant on civil and political rights and the universal Declaration of human rights through the development of the two systems are connected to Geneva. People can report human rights violations directly to the UN, and also to report cases of enforced disappearances.

Over the past decade, the Commission has participated in many national rallies and attempts to bring to the fore the high level of suicides of mothers who had their children removed without a legitimate reason. Grandmothers, who are then having to bury their children are forced to fight the system that took their grandchildren in order to provide the type of burial they want for their relatives, as the Department often argue that they are dead mothers, relatives and so to choose how the deceased will be buried.