ⓘ Campylostachys


ⓘ Campylostachys

Campylostachys is a genus of flowering plants in the family Stilbaceae described as a genus in 1832.

There is only one known species, Campylostachys cernua grown in the province of Cape province of South Africa.

formerly included

now Euthystachys Kogelbergia

  • Campylostachys phylicoides Sond. syn of Kogelbergia phylicoides A.DC. Rourke.
  • Campylostachys abbreviata E.Mey 1838 not E.Mey. 1843, syn of Euthystachys abbreviata E.Mey. A.DC.
names in Cyperaceae

In 1843, Meyer used the same name to refer to some plants in the sedge, creating an illegitimate homonym. Meyers the genus name and the name of the species he created the genus are void and unlawful because they were published without a description.

  • Campylostachys abbreviata E.Mey. 1843 not E.Mey. 1838, syn of Fimbristylis ferruginea L. Vahl.
  • Campylostachys E.Mey. 1843 syn of Fimbristylis Vahl 1805.