ⓘ Fort Loyal


ⓘ Fort Loyal

Fort Loyal was a British settler refuge and colonial outpost built in 1678 at Falmouth in Casco Bay. It was destroyed in 1690 by Abenaki and French forces at the Battle of Fort Loyal. The fort was rebuilt in 1742 and renamed Falmouth Fort before King Georges War and rearmed again in 1755 for the French and Indian War. The fort was rebuilt a final time in 1775 for the American Revolution.

The Peninsula was first colonized by the British in 1632 as a fishing and trading village named CASCO. When the Massachusetts Bay colony absorbed the province of Maine in 1658, the towns name changed to Falmouth. In 1676 the village was destroyed during the war, the Abenaki King Phillips. English colonists came back two years later, when peace resumed.

Fort loyal was built in 1678 in downtown Portland at the foot of this street of India to protect the city from future attacks. In 1690 Fort loyal, consisted of four wooden blockhouses and eight guns. During the war, king Williams, party of French and native allies to destroy the English settlement and massacred its inhabitants in the battle of Fort loyal in 1690.

The Fort was rebuilt in 1742 and renamed to "Falmouth Fort" before the war, king Georges and then rearmed during the French and Indian war in 1755.

Reverend Thomas Smith described 1759 celebration at the Fort in Falmouth, on the arrival of the news that québec had fallen: "the guns were last fired at the Fort today. Mr. Mayhews House was lighted, and small arms fired in the evening, after further and more authentic news of victory in Quebec."

Earthworks were built to the correct site of the Fort in 1775 in part of the Harbor defenses during the American revolution and known as the "low battery". The elements from previous iterations of the Fort, such as the guard house was still in use. The bluff on which was situated was leveled off during the construction of the railway in 1850-ies. Today, the castle has been immortalized by a plaque on the building of the Grand trunk office on the corner of India and Thames streets in Portland.

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