ⓘ List of works by De Es Schwertberger


ⓘ List of works by De Es Schwertberger

This article is a list of work by De Es Schwertberger, an Austrian artist, painter, and modeller.

De Es Schwertbergers works have been exhibited in the following one-person exhibits, group shows, and portfolios:


1.1. Galleries and exhibits 1970s

  • Galerie Palette in Zurich, Switzerland 1971
  • Gallery Yolonda in Chicago, USA 1978
  • Aktions Galerie in Bern, Switzerland with H.R. Giger 1971
  • Quantum Gallery in New York City, USA 1979
  • Galeria La Lanterna in Trieste, Italy 1973
  • Aktions Galerie in Bern, Switzerland 1972
  • Center on Art and Communication in Vienna, Austria 1974
  • James Yu Gallery in New York City, USA 1976
  • Hansen Gallery in New York City, USA 1975
  • Galerie Spektrum in Vienna, Austria 1974
  • Galerie Jasa in Munich, Germany 1974
  • Galerie Aurora in Geneva, Switzerland 1970
  • Galerie Akademia in Salzburg, Austria 1974
  • Galerie Bernard in Solothurn, Switzerland 1970
  • Hansen Gallery in New York City, USA 1979
  • Aldrich Museum in Connecticut, USA 1976
  • Graham Gallery in New York City, USA 1977
  • Galerie Hartmann in Munich, Germany 1970
  • Kunstlerhaus Galerie in Vienna, Austria 1974
  • Galerie Herzog in Buren, Switzerland 1971

1.2. Galleries and exhibits 1980s

  • Govinda Gallery in Washington, DC USA 1981
  • Virtu Gallery in Naples, Florida 1980
  • Graham Gallery in New York City, USA New York Visionaries 1982
  • Galerie Wurthle in the Sinnreich, Austria 1987
  • Hansen Gallery in New York City, USA 1980
  • Art Expo in New York City, USA 1981
  • Marshall Fields Gallery in Chicago, USA 1981
  • Studio Planet Earth in New York City, USA 1980-1986
  • Austrian Artists at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC, USA 1984
  • Museum of the Visual Arts in New York City, USA 1983
  • Galerie Steinmuhle near Linz, Austria 1988
  • Art Expo in New York City, USA 1982
  • Sammlung Ludwig Neue Galerie in Aachen, Germany 1988
  • Bronx Museum in New York City, USA 1980

1.3. Galleries and exhibits 1990s

  • Retrospective, at the Chateau Gruyeres, Switzerland 1998
  • Opel Fine Art in Vienna, Austria 1990
  • Gathering of Forty Planetarians in Bern, Switzerland 1991
  • The skin of the earth, at the Kunstlerhaus Gallery in Vienna, Austria 1995
  • Kuenburg Payerbach, in Austria 1998
  • Planetarians at the Vienna City Festival 1999
  • Centre for Documentation, St. Polten 1999
  • Sinnlicher Somme, Kunstlerhaus Galerie in Vienna, Austria 1997
  • Exhibition in Frauenbad, Baden 1997
  • Kreuzwegstation im Sinnreich, Austria 1993
  • Wieder Sehen, Gallery Lang 1997

1.4. Galleries and exhibits 2000s

  • 100 Planetarians at the Himmelswiese, Vienna 2000
  • Exhibition of Planetarians in St. Peter an der Sperr, Wr. Neustadt 2001
  • Patterns of the city Gallery Akum in Vienna, Austria 2002
  • Exhibition of Planetarians in Graz, Austria 2000-2001
  • Planetarians on vacation at Velden 2001
  • Gleichnis, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna 2003

2. Portfolios

Early work the 1960s

  • The Missing Weapon, 1968. Etchings
  • Ideas of consciousness-expansion, 1960s and early 1970s.
  • Ideas of Truth, early 1960s. Based on the work of the Old Masters

Later developmentthe 1970s

  • Stone Period, 1970s.
  • Work for Fundamental Images, early 1970s.
  • Contemplations of the Spirit-Matter Mystery, late 1970s. Work revolves around his Stone Period style art

The 1980s

  • Planetarians, mid-to-late 1980s.
  • The Cosmic Dance and the Light of Life, 1980s completed 1989.

The 1990s

  • Humanity is One, Early to mid 1990s.
  • Planetarian Sculptures, 1990-1992. Exhibitions of Planetarian sculptures.

3. Books/publications


  • 1984: Philosophers Stone a deck of 40 cards, for Sphinx Verlag
  • 1982: Sharing Light
  • 1992: Heavy Light Published by Morpheus International
  • 1972: Fundamentale Bilder Fundamental Images


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