ⓘ St Giles International


ⓘ St Giles International

St Giles International is an English Language school group that was founded in 1955 in London, England, which has since developed into one of the largest private international English language training organisations in the UK. Today, St Giles teaches over 14.000 students from over 100 different countries in 7 year-round schools, as well as many Junior Summer Centres in the UK, USA and Canada.


1. History

St Giles International was founded in 1955 by Paul Lindsay and his wife Diana. Paul trained to be a teacher and started his career teaching English and French to native English speakers at a north London polytechnic. Wanting to earn some more money for his upcoming marriage, he took a summer job at an English language school on Oxford Street, London. After observing that the school was literally bursting at the seams with foreign students, Paul took the decision to start his own school of English and, after saving £100, rented a small room in a back street of Soho, London. In 1998, Paul Lindsay retired as Managing Director of St Giles International and was succeeded by the current Managing Director, his son, Mark Lindsay.


2. Schools

St Giles International has 7 year-round English language schools in 3 countries. They are located in the following destinations:

  • USA – New York City, San Francisco
  • UK – Brighton, Eastbourne, London Central, London Highgate, Cambridge
  • Canada – Vancouver

St Giles International also operates Junior Summer Courses in many destinations throughout North America and England, and has year-round schools in Brazil.


3. The St Giles Educational Trust

Established in 1970, the St Giles Educational Trust is a registered charity whose key aim is to promote excellence in English language teaching through St Giles’ initial teacher training courses and continuing professional development programmes for UK and overseas teachers.

The Trust also undertakes research, runs a scholarship scheme and collaborates with the British Council and UK/international charities on projects to support English language teaching in developing countries.


4. St Giles International Timeline

  • 1991 - St Giles transfers to larger premises on Hallidie Plaza, San Francisco, USA.
  • 1986 - St Giles purchases a new building in Marlborough Place, Brighton, UK.
  • 1963 - St Giles opens its Canterbury branch
  • 1975 - St Giles opens its Highgate branch at 51 Shepherds Hill, London, UK.
  • 1982 - The first overseas branch of St Giles opens in San Francisco, USA.
  • 1997 - St Giles London Central moves to its current location at 154 Southampton Row.
  • 2005 - St Giles opens a Summer Course for young learners in Southampton. Since then it has opened 8 more in the UK, as well as 5 in the US and 2 in Canada.
  • 2006 - St Giles San Francisco moves to a new building located on Market Street.
  • 1987 - St Giles Westminster opened in Northumberland Avenue, London, UK.
  • 2004 - St Giles Campinas opens.
  • 1969 - St Giles Brighton opens as the Brighton Overseas Students Centre at 69 Marine Parade, Brighton.
  • 2011 - St Giles opens its New York City year-round centre on Fifth Avenue.
  • 2001 - St Giles opens its first centre in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • 1993 - St Giles Westminster moves to larger premises in Great Russell Street renaming to St Giles London Central.
  • 2006 - St Giles takes over the Canadian Business English Institute CBEI, reopening as St Giles, Vancouver.
  • 1978 - St Giles Eastbourne opens.
  • 2009 - St Giles San Francisco expands into a second building, nicknamed NOMA North of Market Street opposite its current building, SOMA.