ⓘ The Second City Saints


ⓘ The Second City Saints

The Second City Saints was an American professional wrestling stable in Ring of Honor, consisting of CM Punk, Colt Cabana and Ace Steel. They were also managed sporadically by Lucy and Traci Brooks.

The group feud with Raven, the prophecy and "new generation" before cm punk Left ring of honor to wrestle in world wrestling entertainment in August 2005. After the departure of punk, Cabana and steel teamed together one other time as a second city saints, when they competed in a losing effort against Jimmy rave and Sal Rinauro of the Embassy. During their feud with the prophecy they engaged in a bloody Chicago street fight, in which CM Punk was put through the barbed wire.

All three teams were signed wwe CM Punk with a member of the ECW brand and ACE steel and Colt Cabana wrestling in Ohio valley wrestling before 4 February 2008, when Steel was released. Cabana and punk left signed and briefly rejoined the Saints at the final overview show under the WWE banner development. Punk wrestled for WWE until January 2014, when he resigned. Cabana was previously a member of the registry WWEs wrestlers WWE under the name Scotty Goldman, however he was released in 2009. He and punk were also seen working together before WrestleMania spatial wwe.com.

In 2004, ring of honor released by Chicagos elite: best of the second city saints.

At the 2011 money in the Bank, was an informal meeting of the group. Both boar and Steele sat in the front row in support of punk faces the Ryback for the WWE championship in the main event. Cabana and Steele was shown on camera several times.