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Blyttia (plant)

Blyttia is a small genus of perennial vines in the dogbane family first described as a genus in 1838. It is native to the Arabian Peninsula. Species Blyttia lyellii Hook. Endl. ex Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees - Arabian Peninsula. Blyttia fruticulosa Decne. D.V.Field - Saudi Arabia. Blyttia spiralis Forssk. D.V.Field & J.R.I.Wood - Yemen. species formerly included in homonym genera Blyttia tenuinervis, syn of Symphyogyna tenuinervis liverwort. Blyttia suaveolens, syn of Cinna latifolia Poaceae. Blyttia spinosa, syn of Pallavicinia spinosa liverwort. Blyttia byssophora, syn of Pallavicinia byss ...


Centaurothamnus is a genus of flowering plants in the daisy family. There is only one known species, Centaurothamnus Maxim, a native of Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

Cymbopogon schoenanthus

Cymbopogon schoenanthus, the camel grass, camels hay, fever grass, geranium grass, or West Indian lemon grass, is a herbal plant of Southern Asia and Northern Africa, with fragrant foliage. It is often made into a common herbal tea

Pterolobium stellatum

It is the only member of the genus to occur in Africa, where it has an extensive but easterly range, from northern South Africa to Sudan, Ethiopia and Yemen. They are found on rocky slopes and kopjes, riparian floodplains, or along forest margins.


Tetrachaete is a genus of plants in the grass family. The origin of the genus name is Greek, from tetra for "four" and chaite, for "bristle." There is only one known species, Tetrachaete elionuroides, native to Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Yemen, and Oman.


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  • The Arabian Peninsula coastal fog desert on the southern coasts of the Arabian Peninsula is an ecoregion which experiences thick fogs where visibility
  • The flora of Qatar includes more than 300 species of wild plants. Qatar occupies a small desert peninsula that is around 80 km 50 miles from east to
  • The wildlife of Saudi Arabia is substantial and varied. Saudi Arabia is a very large country forming the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula It has several
  • up to 4.5 cm 2 in long. The flowers have yellow petals. Melhania ovata is native to tropical Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and Pakistan. In Pakistan
  • Malawi, and the Arabian peninsula It may also be called the Commicarpus boissieri. Boerhavia boissieri prefers rocky, open and dry habitats. The new tender
  • semideserts and savanna. The region occupies the temperate parts of the Sahara desert, Sinai Peninsula Arabian Peninsula geographically defined Southern
  • G. Miller, A.G. 2007 Flora of the Arabian peninsula and Socotra 5 1 1 - 387. Edinburgh University Press Grassbase - The World Online Grass Flora
  • fruticulosa Decne. D.V.Field - Saudi Arabia Blyttia lyellii Hook. Endl. ex Gottsche, Lindenb. Nees - Arabian Peninsula Blyttia spiralis Forssk. D.V.Field
  • Publishing, Cairo. Cope, T.A., Knees, S.G. Miller, A.G. 2007 Flora of the Arabian peninsula and Socotra 5 1 1 - 387. Edinburgh University Press. Dobignard