ⓘ Leopold's maneuvers


ⓘ Leopolds maneuvers

In obstetrics, Leopolds maneuvers are a common and systematic way to determine the position of a fetus inside the womans uterus, they are named after the gynecologist Christian Gerhard Leopold. They are also used to estimate term fetal weight.

The maneuvers consist of four distinct actions, each helping to determine the position of the fetus. The maneuvers are very important because they help determine the position and lie of the fetus, which in conjunction with correct assessment of the shape of the pelvis can indicate the delivery will be difficult or a caesarean section is necessary.

Skill experts and practitioners in the manoeuvres are a major factor in whether the fetal lie is correctly installed. In addition, the position can be determined with the help of ultrasound is performed ultrasound or doctor.

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