ⓘ The Carnage Crew


ⓘ The Carnage Crew

The Carnage Crew of Loc and DeVito had their first ROH match together at Night of Appreciation defeating The Ring Crew Express. They were very hard hitting and used many high impact moves. At the time, there were two other similar teams in ROH: Da Hit Squad and the Natural Born Sinners. At Crowning a Champion, The Carnage Crew had a brutal Bunkhouse Match against the Sinners. The match featured chairs, barbed wire, and hubcaps. Even though The Carnage Crew lost, both teams continued fighting after the match was over. At Honor Invades Boston, The Carnage Crew fought another hardcore match, this time losing to Da Hit Squad. With losses to both teams, The Carnage Crew needed to make an impact. At Unscripted, a match was scheduled between Da Hit Squad and the Natural Born Sinners. Before the match started, the Carnage Crew came to the ring and attacked both teams. At the next show, Glory By Honor, they defeated Da Hit Squad in a Falls Count Anywhere match. By the end of 2002, Masada has joined the group. The show Night of The Butcher saw The Carnage Crew in the main event against Homicide and Abdullah the Butcher in a Bunkhouse Match. They lost this match, but proved they could fight with the best.

Wrestlerave 2003, one new member Justin credible has been added to the group. That evening, a team of trusted, loc, and DeVito went on to defeat special K. the carnage crew was in front of the ketamine in a series of matches, but often violated. They even called special K for the tag team championship Roh, but did not win. Finally, to our best crew battle won ketamine in the turmoil of the cage in the main event.

In may, Masada would enable the group to form the new and improved carnage crew with Danny Daniels taking DeVito in the process. Justin credible left the promotion and has left the group later. New and improved carnage crew began to run through the registry with a convincing victory over the ring crew. DeVito returned in July to avenge his injuries and drive new crew slaughter of Ro. They succeeded, and in accordance with the rules of the match, the new and improved carnage crew left the Ro. After that, the original carnage crew went on to feud with Dan MAFF and BJ Whitmer. Allison danger wanted Loc and DeVito to destroy MAFF and Whitmer, leaving the prophecy, but they wanted to beat them, because they can. The feud originated in the head at final battle 2004 with MAFF and Whitmer the victory and the respect of the crew of slaughter.

The third anniversary Part 1 was a terrible day for the carnage crew. They were back in the main fight of the event match cell, but they were defeated the ring crew Express. Because Locke was the one pinned there were other teams in the match, the carnage crew had to stay away from ROH for 90 days. It was horrible for them, because wrestling in ROH was the way they provided their annoying families. When the time came for their return, the crew of the massacre zeroed in on the ring crew Express, and defeated them in a street fight at the future is now and an anything goes match at the next show.

July 9, 2005, the Night of the massacre of the crews hard work has paid off. Escape from new York, they defeated BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs for the tag team championship RO. They retained the title in the Ultimate endurance match, but lost it to Whitmer and Jacobs at the following show. After losing his title, they ended their feud with the ring command in a match of weapons in the night with great resentment. After the show, as the ring crew Express took the ring, loc came up to them DeVito was taken to the hospital and shook hands with them. It was the last time the carnage crew was in the ring of honor.