ⓘ 1948 United States presidential election in New Hampshire


ⓘ 1948 United States presidential election in New Hampshire

The 1948 United States presidential election in New Hampshire took place on November 2, 1948, as part of the 1948 United States presidential election, which was held throughout all contemporary 48 states. Voters chose 4 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president.

New Hampshire won the candidates, the ex-Governor Thomas E. Dewey in new York and his running mate, Earl Warren Governor of California. Dewey and Warren won the democratic candidates, incumbent President Harry S. Truman in Missouri and his running mate, Senator Alben W. Barkley of Kentucky. Also was a progressive party candidate, former Democratic Vice-President Henry A. Wallace, who ran with former Senator Glen H. Taylor of Idaho.

Dewey took 52.41% of the votes Trumans 46.66%, a margin of 5.75%. Wallace came in a distant third with 0.85%.

Dewey has won 7 districts, 3 Trumans, but the race was kept close to state Truman victories in the most populous counties in the state.

Since Franklin Roosevelt won them in 1932, the County, the County Hillsborough County Strafford and Coos County has become a reliable new Democratic base of the district, to vote for Roosevelt all four times. Trumans most significant victory the conquest of the most populous in the County of Hillsborough, home to Manchester and Nashua, which has been a reliable Democratic Bastion since voting for Democrat al Smith in 1928.

Carroll County had long been the most Republican County in new Hampshire, voting 60% against FDR all four times and would have voted over 70% for Thomas E. Dewey.

As Truman narrowly defeated Dewey national, new Hampshires result would make the state by about ten percentage points more Republican than the national average. Dewey 52.41% of the votes of new Hampshire made her the fifth strongest state, after Vermont, Maine, Nebraska, and Kansas.