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List of Wipeout obstacles

During an episode, contestants compete through four rounds of competition until a final winner is chosen. The first round features 24 contestants, while only the top four top three in seasons 4-6 will make it to the final round called the Wipeout Zone, where the winner earns the title of Wipeout Champion and a $50.000 grand prize. However, in Season 7, as it explained by John Anderson, the contestant has only 1 attempt per obstacle, because the Zone is all about speed. Night, and with a more serious tone than the previous rounds, the Final four or three contestants play separately on a lar ...

Wipeout (season 2)

Notes: * First person able to cross the Slippery Swing Set in success! Notes: * Eric Agrelius became the oldest contestant to win Wipeout. ** This set a new record for Motivations in a single episode, plus 3 almost Motivations. *** Matt "Mother Of Pearl" was wearing a part of "Fashion Deisigner" Timothy Tons clothing line from S1E7. *This is the second episode in Season 2 where the Final Four consisted of 4 male competitors The first was Episode 3. * On an interview from Ellen, Eathen Salem was the 1st to complete the Onion Ring Swing.

Wipeout (season 3)

* Jayson Lansburg & Katelyn Reina both crossed the Big Balls as the first and second contestants of Season 3. * Corey Kilroy-one cross Sweeper trees. ** Jeffrey Lee grabbed the brass ring during the American revolution, earning him $1000. He was also the first person who is unable to take through the zone after capturing the brass ring. *** Dean Viana was the final contestant to clear the shake-a-oscillator title reference: volunteers of the police, fire debt. military and other civil services take on the course. This is the sixth and final all-male Wipeout Zone in Season 3.

Wipeout (season 4)

Title reference: The "Nanas House" and "Big Balls" courses, although the title has them in reverse. This spoofs the song "Over The River And Through The Woods". This is the second Blind Date. Season 3 Episode 1 was the first. Title Quotation from: John Henson (Заголовок цитата из: Джон Хенсон) - as Kelsey "The Sinner" Reinhardt was about to cross the Big Balls. * Katrina weeding cleared by a coin toss. ** Although Lauren didnt cross the love train, her partner mark Luzan crossed it after she fell. *** In Scareousel renamed the "love Machine", because this episode of "blind date" edition of ...

Wipeout (season 5)

*Gabrielle Johnson crossed Weasel Wheel, the Big Balls, and Ballsys Ski Shop. **Blondie Shana and Diva Amanda both quit during the Cold-Hearted Snake, but Shana and her sister quit first, so the Divas advanced. Since the Winter brothers were the only team to complete the Cold-Hearted Snake, they won $25.000. This was the first episode to have a shocker. *** It wasnt shown, but Vision crossed Ballsys Ski Shop. * Steven Ferreira does not apply to "lover Boreder" Jacqueline Ferreira, who appeared in S5E6 For the first time in Wipeout history, only three female contestants passed the qualifier ...

Wipeout (season 6)

*Branden was the only contestant to cross the Barsy Bot 3000, the Failboxes, and the Wipeout Pizza Kitchen. He also posted the fastest qualifier time in Season 6 Jennifer Kussman is not related to "Embrassing Mom" Leslie Kusman who appeared on S4E11. Nick became the final contestant of the season to tagged smallsy. unfortunately, he didnt collect the 500 bucks. he became the 2nd contestant to do that Travis Woiemberghe became the 1st. Torry Bryant was the only person to win Octopushy and fail to make the wipeout zone. Title reference: play-on the phrase "Its a dirty job, but someone has to ...

Wipeout (season 7)

Andy Tibbitts crossed the Shredder without falling.


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