ⓘ Electricity sector in Singapore


ⓘ Electricity sector in Singapore

The electricity sector in Singapore ranges from generation, transmission, distribution and retailing of electricity in Singapore. In terms of alternative sources of energy, Singapore is likely to be among the main winners after the global transition to renewable energy is completed; the country holds 9th place out of 156 nations in the index of geopolitical gains and losses after energy transition.


1. Generation


As of 2015, Singapore uses natural gas 95% and waste 4% for power stations fuel. Oil used to contribute 23% in 2005 but now is down to 1%. The fossil fuel basis of Singapores electricity system affects the way that electric cars are taxed.


  • National Environment Agency
  • Senoko Energy Pte Ltd
  • ES Power Singapore
  • PacificLight Power Pte Ltd
  • Keppel Merlimau Cogen Pte Ltd
  • SembCorp Cogen Pte Ltd
  • Keppel Seghers
  • PowerSeraya Ltd
  • Tuas Power Ltd