ⓘ Rugantino (film)


ⓘ Rugantino (film)

Rugantino is a 1973 Italian comedy film directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile.

It is based on the stage musical with the same name by Pietro Garinei and Sandro Giovannini.


1. Plot summary

Rome, 1800. Rugantino is a fool in love that rages eternal, though he is very unlucky in love stories and fruitful occasions. In fact he is denounced for trying to rob the elderly uncle of inheritance, apparently believed in the end of life, then Rugantino is beaten and sentenced to public torture of a squire. In fact Rugantino is in love with his young wife Rosetta, and this is the main character more than once, after having served the sentence, persecuted by justice and by the criminals. Rosetta however seems to love Rugantino, given his innocence and his ineptitude, but the young man, when he is accused of murder of an important lord of Rome, is sentenced to death. His fate is sealed, and after spending a few weeks in jail, Rugantino is beheaded.


2. Cast

  • Renato Baldini: nobleman
  • Claudia Mori: Rosetta
  • Vincenzo Crocitti: burino
  • Adriano Celentano: Rugantino
  • Paolo Stoppa: Mastro Titta
  • Elio Pandolfi: voce bianca
  • Alvaro Vitali: beggar
  • Guglielmo Spoletini: Gnecco
  • Riccardo Garrone: prince, brother of Niccolo
  • Renzo Palmer: cardinal Severini
  • Sergio Tofano: Marquis Michele Sacconi
  • Maria Grazia Spina: Donna Marta Capitelli
  • Enzo Robutti: painter
  • Sandro Merli: Oste
  • Pippo Franco: Frascatano
  • Toni Ucci: Don Niccolo Capitelli