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ⓘ AccuSystems

AccuSystems LLC is an American company headquartered in Pueblo, Colorado that develops, licenses, supports, and sells document imaging software and electronic document management, primarily to the banking and finance industries. Over 200 banks currently use AccuSystems software.

In 2002, AccuSystems made its first sale to Peoples Bank.

AccuSystems software, known as AccuAccount, is mainly used to electronically scan, store, and manage loan files and any other associated paperwork. In September 2010, AccuSystems announced the acquisition of Xtria RMS. Financial institutions use the Xtria RMS software, now known as Tickler, to track exceptions electronically.

In 2012, AccuSystems won the BankNews Innovative Solutions Award for Management Software Solutions.

In 2013, BankTech published a survey taken by AccuSystems that surveyed 80 community banks. The survey found that only 12% of banks are using paperless systems for issuing loans. The study is often used when discussing paperless systems in the USs banking industry.