ⓘ National Voices


ⓘ National Voices

National Voices is a coalition of health and social care charities in England formed in 2008. It has more than 150 organisations in membership which represent a diverse range of health conditions. It has a prominent role in representing patients and service users with national policy makers.

National voices stated that its goal is the achievement of the" system of health and care that are person in the center. This means that the treatment is not coordinated, men control decisions about their health and care and everyone has equitable access to care and support”. This is especially true for patients with long term conditions.

In 2013, national voices and think local act personal published the UK Department of Health by order of the narrative for person-centred coordinated care’. The document specified that well-coordinated care from the patient and prospective users of the service and led to the production of a number of other subjects.

National voices provides Secretariat support to the people and of the Community Council, one of the five years Board program.

Jeremy Taylor-chief Executive. It is funded by membership dues, grants, including a grant from the Department of health as one of its strategic partners – consultants, and corporate sponsorship.

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