ⓘ Canarium vitiense


ⓘ Canarium vitiense

Canarium vitiense is a rainforest tree species, of the plant family Burseraceae, growing naturally in Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tonga, New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago, Admiralty Islands, Louisiade Archipelago, Torres Strait Islands and in lowland north-eastern Queensland, Australia.

In New Guinea, recorded as widely grows in woods about 250 m 820 ft tall.

In the Islands of Torres Strait in Australia, they also recorded growth of about 250 m 820 ft tall.

In the Australian mainland North-Eastern part of Queenslands wet tropics areas, the Peninsula of Cape York, and only in the East of the continent of Islands, they are recorded as growing naturally common, with about igiugig–in hinchinbrook island to the North, the other in well developed lowland rain forest below CA. 100 m 330 feet tall.

Mature trees may reach 30-40 m, 100-130 ft. tall.

Formal description of some trees grown in Fiji, using the name of the species was published in 1854, the botanist Asa gray, effectively describing this kind of all these trees in the Western part of the Pacific ocean.