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ⓘ Type Media Center

Type Media Center is a nonprofit media organization that was previously associated with The Nation magazine. It sponsors fellows, hosts forums, publishes books and investigative reporting, and awards several annual journalism prizes. Orville Schell worked for the organization, and Katrina vanden Heuvel is currently a member of their Board of Trustees. Type Media Center fellows have included Naomi Klein, Wayne Barrett, Chris Hedges, David Moberg, Jeremy Scahill, and Chris Hayes. The organization has also funded podcasts, short-form broadcast media, and documentaries, including several by Habiba Nosheen.

Type is one of the leading of the Ridenhour prizes, as well as the puffin prize For creative citizenship, organized jointly with the Fund "savages". Tom Engelhardt is the Creator of the organization TomDispatch.com widely syndicated online blog.

Type began its publishing imprint bold books like the earlier people of the Book in 2000, in partnership with thunders mouth press. In 2007 Perseus books group has acquired the publishing activities of the avalon group of companies, which was the parent company of the press thunders mouth. Bold books like’ current print partner Asett group.

The type of investigative news Department, investigations, the type of the previously, the Investigative Fund was founded in 1996. Known for the production of long research, primarily for national magazines, abuses of power, inequality, and crimes against the state. Unlike conventional sockets that conducts its own trading platform, study type, primarily publishes through partnerships with print, radio and TV channels. It is one of the few women-led investigative newsrooms among the Institute for nonprofit news organizations-members.

In addition to working with freelance reporters, investigation type in the past and the current reporting guys included Nick turse, Wayne Barrett, Jeremy scahill, Sharon Lerner, Janine di Giovanni, Li Fang, Sarah Posner, John Carlos Frey, and Ali Gharib. The project has received four Emmy awards, three national magazine awards, and a Peabody, and an investigation 2019 to the Department of internal Affairs of the United States provoked an investigation in Congress.