ⓘ Community health NHS trust


ⓘ Community health NHS trust

As part of the English NHS programme of separating the provision of services from commissioning known as Transforming Community Services a number of community health NHS trusts were established when these services were separated from primary care trusts.

It was one of several taken options. In some places, public services were transferred to existing mental health trust or hospital. In the South-West of England was considerable pressure on staff to create social enterprises such as Peninsula health to undertake these services.

Campaigners in Gloucestershire have successfully challenged the decision on the establishment of social enterprises to provide health services in 2012.

Contracts to run the NHS and utility services subject to competitive tenders in accordance with the Law on health and social care 2012, so it is unclear whether these organizations will survive. NHS community health care sector, including services in the field of mental health is considered to be £ 9.7 billion - about 10% of the total NHS budget. This is a sector where competition with private providers such as Virgin health and serso is the most intense. There is a lot of pressure to move NHS services out of hospitals and into the community, but still most of these services funded by block contracts. There are measures of activity, but no outcome measures and no tariff NHS, so no financial incentives for providers for efficiency. It remains to be seen what impact the instigation of any qualified provider contracts for this sector.

The utilities have been repeatedly reorganized since the abolition of regional health authorities in 1996. Established as NHS trusts they were under the same mandatory condition to become a Foundation NHS trusts existing trusts, but it is unlikely many of them will be able to pass the tests in their current form.

Trust the medical community can provide services, including:

  • Community Podiatry. (Сообщество Подиатрия)
  • School nursing. (Школу медсестер)
  • Speech and Language Therapy.
  • Health visiting. (Посетив здоровья)
  • District nursing, including out of hours nursing.
  • Community Physiotherapy. (Сообщество Физиотерапии)
  • Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust was one of the Community health NHS trusts created in 2012. It was authorised as a Foundation Trust in October
  • Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust is an NHS provider of community services in Kent, East Sussex and Newham. It was awarded Foundation Trust status
  • several trusts involved in the different aspects of healthcare for a resident. NHS trusts were established under the National Health Service and Community Care
  • Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust is a Community Health NHS Trust established as a result of the Transforming Community Services programme. It is the
  • Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust provides a wide range of community health services across Birmingham and the West Midlands, England
  • NHS trusts established in England. It includes Acute Hospital Trusts Ambulance Trusts Mental Health Trusts and the unique Isle of Wight NHS Trust
  • Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust provides community health services not including adult mental health in Shropshire including Telford and Wrekin
  • Pontefract Community Health NHS Trust was a Community health NHS trust which served the Wakefield metropolitan district, West Yorkshire providing community mental
  • Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust was one of the community health NHS trusts created in 2012 under the Transforming Community Services programme. It
  • Foundation Trust Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust Rotherham
  • Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust is an NHS foundation trust that provides physical, mental health and social care for people of all ages across Oxfordshire
  • under which a number of community health NHS trusts were established when these services were separated from Primary Care Trusts It runs: Peterborough