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History of Kazan

The origin of the name Kazan is uncertain. It could very well derive from the Bulgars - the Bulgarian and Tatar word qazan means boiler or cauldron. Alternately, it may have been derived from the Tatar qazğan, dug. Qazan is originally a name for a special cooking pan, similar to the wok, but heavier. The belief that the city of Kazan is named after this object comes from the terrains similarity to a qazan: the city is situated in a U-shaped lowland. Another, more romantic legend tells a story of a Tatar princess Soyembika, who dropped a golden dish into the river while washing it, and that ...

Arsk Field

Arsk Field was east of the walls of mediaeval Kazan. The name may come from the Archa Darugha, a subdivision of the Khanate of Kazan. Alternatively, it could be named for the road leading to the city of Arsk, which passed through the field. In 1552 it served as the base of for Tatar troops during the siege of Kazan by Russian troops under Ivan the Terrible. In 1774, it was a battlefield for engagements between rebels supporting Pugachev and governmental forces. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the exhibition took place in the field. Since the beginning of the 19th century, the field was bui ...


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  • The origin of the name Kazan is uncertain. It could very well derive from the Bulgars - the Bulgarian from the Bulgar language and Tatar word absorbed
  • of Kazan in 1552 was the final battle of the Russo - Kazan Wars and led to the fall of the Khanate of Kazan Conflict continued after the fall of Kazan
  • Our Lady of Kazan also called Mother - of - God of Kazan Russian: Казанская Богоматерь tr. Kazanskaya Bogomater was a holy icon of the highest stature
  • following is a timeline of the history of the city of Kazan Tatarstan, Russia. 1438 - Khanate of Kazan begins. 1552 - Siege of Kazan Russians in power.
  • Kazan Volga region Federal University Russian: Казанский Приволжский федеральный университет, Kazanskiy Privolzhskiy federalnyy universitet Tatar:
  • The Russo - Kazan Wars was a series of wars fought between the Khanate of Kazan and Muscovite Russia from 1439, until Kazan was finally captured by Ivan
  • also known as Ak Bars Kazan is a Russian professional ice hockey team based in Kazan They are members of the Kharlamov Division of the Kontinental Hockey
  • The Khanate of Kazan Tatar: Казан ханлыгы Russian: Казанское ханство, Romanization: Kazanskoye khanstvo was a medieval Tatar Turkic state that occupied
  • League titles, thus being the most - titled club in its new history As of October 2019, Kazan is ranked 1st in the Men s European clubs ranking. CEV Champions
  • The city of Kazan was captured by the White Army in August 1918 during the Russian Civil War. At July, 22, People Army of Komuch together with Czechoslovak
  • The Kazan gas explosion occurred on January 9, 2008, destroying an entire corner of a three - story khrushchyovka - style apartment building on Malaya Pechyorskaya